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We are the authorities when it comes to collaborating with financial service providers. We solve the complex aspects of developing and implementing a bespoke customer communication solution.


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    Our cutting-edge solutions are for institutions who strive to improve communication with their customers and offer them an omnichannel experience


    We focus on financial service providers who aim to elevate the level of service to their customers through tailor-made client-focused CCM solutions


    If this is of interest to you, we commit that we will uncover your specific needs and deliver a unique solution that exceeds your expectations

CCM – Customer Communication Management with Assentis

A document icon, the symbol of output management

From the beginning with output management


    Around the turn of the millennium, a few inventors saw that banks’ output and document management was inefficient and error-prone and decided to do something about it.

    Their vast experience and digitization ideas laid the foundation for the creation of Assentis.

    Today the DocFamily is anchored in the industry as a highly specialized platform and is known as a proven, user-friendly solution that addresses both a client’s analog and digital communication needs.

Symbolic icon with a rocket to show an revolutionary change

To the evolution of modern customer communication


    Modern customer communication management goes far beyond this. Omni-channel, automation, and personalization have become the standard in every good communication solution.

    It is now about specific scenarios that must be supported in a business-oriented way and accompanied by all kinds of documents that can be integrated into the existing system landscape with minimal IT dependency.

    Communication must be specific and compliant and controlled by a clear process that reduces complexity.

A symbolic icon showing a human which thinks or acts.

To the implementation of tailor-made solutions


    This requires not only the right communication solution, but also a professional, deep understanding of the application situation and specialist knowledge during the implementation both from the technical side as well as the financial sector itself.

    The business must be able to cover all its own needs and act independently.

    This is our strength! Assentis supports more than 100 financial service providers in digital communication on a case-by-case basis, ranging from smaller local institutions to many of the largest in the world.

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Our Clients

A selected list of clients we are proud to serve.

Many of our customers cannot be listed here due to contractual restrictions.

Some Numbers

Customer Communication Management

CCM market volume increase

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is an important topic for any company that communicates with a large number of customers in a personalized manner regarding complex topics. The market volume for CCM is growing steadily year over year. Financial service providers now account for around 40% of global spending on new customer communication solutions, which is currently around 900 MUSD.

Balance in customer communication management market between banking and insurance, both industries spending most in CCM space

Within the financial service providers, banking and insurance are spending the most, around 400 MUSD a year each.

The budget shifted from IT to business departement in the past Years

The business is increasingly taking over from IT when it comes to deciding on customer communication solutions. Most important is that the solution needs to be looked at in a business-oriented way. Integrated into the existing system landscape with minimal IT dependency.

Source: Own analysis based on Gartner ECM Figures, Gartner CCM Publication, and Forrester analysis 

CCM Trends

The graphic show a spider chart with the different trends in customer communication management

Top 4 Trends

Interactive CCM: Interactive use cases that redesign the communication flow to enable business users to create and manage complex personalized customer communications.

Cloud Readiness: Cloud-based communication solutions that are highly flexible, scalable, and integrated with internal systems. The use of tailor-made, specific solutions as managed services will be an important key to success.

Digital First: Strong focus on digital channels to support the transition from traditional printing to digital channels and formats.

BPO CCM Services: Complete CCM functionality as a full managed service that also includes data-based customer journey management and analytics.

Trend interpretation according to the assessment by Assentis 

Client Results after Engaging with Assentis

Faster icon

7x faster

Customers report that document based communication is up to 7x faster after implementing our solution.

Less errors icon

97% less errors

Reduction of errors in interactive correspondence by up to 97%.

Return on invest in 12 months icon

ROI in 12 months

Most clients report amortizing the costs within 12 months.

Improved communication icon

Better communication

While at the same time significantly increasing the quality of communication for both end customers and its employees.

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