Aspire Leaderboard 2019: Assentis achieves the highest rating as a CCM provider for the financial services industry in the European home market. The reasons lie in the highly specialized solutions and the profound know-how of the financial sector. Financial service providers in the USA and Asia can also benefit from this.

The Leaderboard

The Aspire Leaderboard is an online comparison that visualizes the global CCM market within a two-dimensional space. The focus is on the capabilities of a provider as well as its market presence (vertical axis) and strategic direction (horizontal axis). It is a valuable aid for decision-makers and interested people from marketing, IT and lines of business – especially when it comes to investing in technologies to communicate and interact with customers.

Aspire is a specialist in and a reference for Customer Communication Management (CCM). The strength of the Leaderboard is its flexibility. It allows to select different aspects and thus to analyze the market and vendors much more precisely and on the basis of specific requirements instead of a generic overview.

Assentis very strong in its core business

Assentis is committed to being the first choice when it comes to creating, orchestrating and distributing sophisticated customer communications across all channels (communication composition). Since the company was founded in 2002, the focus has clearly been on the financial sector and the emphasis is paying off. In its home market of DACH, Assentis has achieved this ambitious goal and holds the leading position in terms of capabilities and market presence among financial service providers.

Growth in the US and Asia

In a worldwide comparison, Assentis is already in the top ten and has ambitious plans. Historically, Europe, and especially the DACH region, has always been strong in financial services, many large global banks are from here, with a marketplace that is innovative and heavily regulated at the same time. Assentis has emerged and grown and holds its leadership position impressively in this environment of very high stringent demands on communication and documentation. Of all the companies Assentis has ever supported with a solution for customer communication, more than 93% are still active customers today.

The strength of Assentis’ solutions is the focus. They are vertical integrations into existing banking ecosystems that address specific use cases with bespoke technology and committed Professional Services. This provides optimum support for the line of business and at the same time relieves the IT workload. Assentis will continue to consistently pursue this focus in the future and is expected to continue to expand its customer base, particularly in the US and Asia.

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