A number of helpful features come with the release of the 6.5 Assentis Customer Communication Management suite. Some of these new features solve highly topical problems for our customers in multiple ways and significantly support the digital transformation of customer communication and document processes. Today, we’d like to highlight some of them for you: AForms, Interactive PDFs, and Digital Signing Services.

Assentis’ CCM suite is taking the client communication experience to the next level with their sophisticated dynamic web forms, interactive PDFs, and digital signature capabilities. Overall, these features enhance the user’s ability to communicate with clients seeking active engagement, convenience, personalization, and faster turnaround time.

The suite helps deliver digital transformation by addressing problems related to:

    • fragmented/manual business process (e.g., client on-boarding, client account reviews)
    • lengthy forms (e.g., application, acknowledgment, KYC renewal forms)
    • lack of single view of the customer
    • delayed response time
    • paper/static forms
    • long development cycles for evolving (e.g., regulatory) requirements

The suite has been used to perfect client communication by more than a hundred financial service providers and insurance agencies around the globe, many of them within the Top 20 in size and overall complexity. Business lines compliment Assentis tools for their high flexibility to meet individual needs and business case requirements while IT praises them for their reliability and performance. With the new features we’re going to highlight in this article, the flexibility increases even more and the great journey goes on.

AForms: Smart Data Capturing

AForms is a very flexible and widely usable tool. It allows users to easily elevate inbound communications by creating and deploying dynamic web forms in minutes, which capture data in a new digital way. The forms populate automatically with existing data from a wide variety of possible sources and the whole form may change based on this information or while the customer fills in the form. For example, when a customer selects a bank product, the corresponding options pop up immediately while irrelevant sections remain hidden. Data capturing with AForms is intuitive in nature and leads to a superior customer experience.

AForms empower business users to create and maintain web forms without involving IT, thus it reduces time-to-market significantly. Forms can be seamlessly integrated into apps, websites and web portals and be used to capture data from customers such as in onboarding or credit processes, as well as from employees for internal purposes. Designed with HTML5 web component technology, they are easily accessible on tablets and smartphones.

Interactive PDFs  

Sometimes, you’ll prefer having a document you can send to someone, and we have that covered, too. Editable PDF documents and forms can now be generated from Assentis with minimal configuration set-up. More than this – they can even be integrated with AForms and/or other underlying systems to pre-populate data. Just like that, the good old PDF can become a very efficient tool while still remain easy to use and feel familiar.

The re-use of existing templates and associated resource components (text components) drawn independently from the form layout leads to a straight-forward creation process that is very easy to maintain while securing a diversity of requirements such as regulatory, legal or branding demands.

Digital Signing Services

Assentis-generated PDF documents can now accept certificate-based digital ID (PAdES support). The originator of the document can also embed digital signatures. Such a document confirms that it was created by the originator and was not altered during the transfer.

Assentis-enabled digital signature documents can be integrated with e-signing services such as DocuSign. Secure PDF documents using X.509 digital certificates encrypt automatically with the customer’s digital ID so only the customer can read the document.

By the way, the release of 6.5 has been available since spring of this year.

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