In mid-May, Assentis released the new version 6.6 of DocFamily, Assentis’ customer communication management (CCM) platform.
The development team implemented more than 300 new features and improvements! The highlights are IT security enhancements, new tracing capabilities and automated cloud deployment capabilities for Kubernetes and RedHat OpenShift platforms.

A new level in IT Security and customer communication management

Assentis is now part of the Veracode “verified standard program”.
Therefore, Veracode runs static security checks on the entire Assentis code of the customer communication management platform.
Veracode is a third party company and expert in the security space. The check is executed daily or when new code is committed.
Assentis thereby strengthens its “Flaw Free” strategy and sets a new level in IT security.

Veracode certificate - Veracode verified standard
Veracode certificate – Veracode verified standard

Real-time tracing and support of OpenTracing

Version 6.6 of the DocFamily customer communication management platform now supports real-time tracing of all processes. Besides, the platform supports the OpenTracing standard and thus allows the connection of various third-party systems (such as Jaeger).
The tracing allows real-time tracking of the calls within the platform. Furthermore, it allows a time measurement on the millisecond level.

customer communication management platform Assentis DocFamily supports OpenTracing

Cloud Deployment

DocFamily is now additionally provided in preconfigured Docker Images via the Docker Image Repository. Also, the customer communication management platform comes with its operator modules.
These modules are based on the operator approach of Kubernetes and enable fast and automated deployment of all Assentis DocFamily modules.

To provide the best possible solution for the RedHat OpenShift platform, Assentis set up a new partnership with RedHat. Assentis is “Technology Partner” and uses the OpenShift platform internally to develop Assentis solutions.

The cloud deployment of the customer communication management platform DocFamily now includes the new “Job Browser” module, which displays all jobs in real-time via a web-based interface. Clients can use the optional module free of charge.
The “Job Browser” follows a cloud-native approach, i.e. various micro-services are in use to enable this new real-time reporting.


If you are interested to see the new features and improvements live, please get in touch with us now!