Assentis, as a leading software solutions provider specializing in Customer Communication Management (CCM), focuses on the financial services industry for many years. In this unique and specialized business, products and services are highly sophisticated.

In order to meet the high demands, efficiency requirements and various regulations in different countries and markets, Assentis has built up a large network of specialized partners. We are very pleased to announce the newly launched partnership with Vanadys.

Vanadys is a collaborative ICT partner in Barcelona, Spain, providing high-value services through specific solutions. Vanadys’ mission “is to work with customers in their business transformation initiatives and projects, helping them to create value through the use of cutting-edge solutions and technologies that generate greater efficiency in their management practices, and allowing them to position themselves in their labor markets with efficient tools” (

A specialized team of seasoned experts is intensively trained by Assentis, above all for the solutions within the DocFamily. Each training participant will receive a non-transferable certificate at the end of the training as a proof of quality assurance. Vanadys will develop specific templates for Avaloq customers and distribute the solutions in Spain.

We welcome Vanadys to the Assentis Partner Network!