Especially generating a large number of presentations meeting compliance and individualization requirements, combined with a fast and user-friendly creation process, is a mammoth task often prone to errors. The CCM Presentation module eases the way to produce and manage professional sales and marketing presentations and increases business agility significantly.

The need for more flexibility in customer communication has greatly increased. Changes to customer-centric documents have to be completed within no time and in compliance with growing requirements. Avaloq CCM is a fully integrated suite, powered by the latest technology in digital customer communications. Twenty banks using the Avaloq Banking Suite have successfully implemented CCM modules for transaction advices, portfolio statements or interactive documents that can be created and edited during a conversation with a client.

Join the movers and shakers from the Avaloq Community at their annual gathering and learn more about the world of automation in finance: exciting digital banking solutions meet highly efficient services and a vibrant ecosystem drives innovation every day. A team of top-level Assentis representatives is happy to discuss questions and solutions in the field of customer communication and its automation. If you are interested, you should seize the opportunity and have valuable conversations with real insights.