Richard Allin, Chief Revenue Officer for the Americas at Assentis, and Christian Hoffmann, Senior Product Manager for Client Reporting, spoke with more than a 100 Wealth Managers across 3 continents (N. America, Europe, and Asia), on the NEW Client Reporting & Servicing requirements. With their findings, they crafted a condensed webinar that really can be called a 1-hour content boost.

The session is called The Evolution of Client Reporting within the Wealth Management & Private Banking Industry and is dedicated to how client reporting needs are evolving and how these advanced demands can possibly be addressed.

While talking to the experts, they addressed questions like:

  • What happens to classic Wealth Managers when wealth is taken over by a new generation?
  • What does this new generation value the most when it comes to wealth management and how can churn be avoided?
  • What are the core challenges for wealth reporting in the upcoming years?
  • How will the future client reporting platform look like to address these?

To get more information and watch the webinar recording, click here.