A team of Assentis representatives attended this year’s BVI Fund Operations Conference in Frankfurt on 22 March – we announced this a few weeks ago. The live demo, which was held instead of a PowerPoint presentation, was, as many visitors said, overwhelming. The Client Reporting application case is well worked out and practical. It shows stringently what many solutions cannot do today: from paper to digital and back with a few simple “clicks” or “taps”.

Banks currently need an average of 10 days with business and IT collaborating to generate client reports with relevant financial portfolio data for wealthy private customers. The Assentis Client Reporting solution empowers business without IT dependence to create custom reports on-demand in less than a day. Additionally, it offers relationship managers a platform to service customers by sharing a screen to dynamically visualize data together from multiple perspectives. With the Assentis solution, Client Reporting comes alive with a simpler, faster and personalized experience.

Come share screen to experience how your relationship managers can collaborate with their wealthy private customers to have a more meaningful portfolio conversation. In less than 10 minutes, we can take you into a journey of exploring portfolio data in a 3-D view that rocks – seamless from paper to digital und back.