Let’s celebrate with us the latest release of the Assentis CCM platform: Version 6.3! This release brings a lot of new benefits to our clients.

In particular 280 change requests, improvements and bugfixes were implemented, thereof some interesting highlights:

– You can use our pre-defined communication processes to generate any mailings and deliver to e-mail channels, including single mailings, bundlings generated from any business events and output coming directly from layout masters.

– We have greatly improved the spellcheck functionality! You can now use the latest OpenOffice dictionaries (incl. multi-language packages), work with user-based dictionaries and company-specific dictionaries (white lists).

– The improved housekeeping processes allow you to easily maintain all content which is stored in the central repository. E.g. you can remove documents after a specific lifetime and in combination with its lifecycle state in the workflow.

– We have added the new Google font “Noto” to our platform, so you can use this license-free font for your business. The Google font is designed to have the best visualization quality for paper and electronic output (PDF documents, web pages).