« With SolPresent, Assentis has enabled us to efficiently create thousands of product presentations and make available to investment advisors in real time. Additionally, we could implement this globally across several locations with the corresponding legal and regulatory requirements built-in. »

Assentis’ solution for presentations and marketing materials has led to a significant increase in efficiency with simplified processes for the management of more than 17,000 different documents for a global bank. Due to the scalability of the solution, it was possible to start small and gradually expand the scope. Today, all documents are created and delivered within a controlled framework that ensures timeliness and legal compliance while enabling global distribution with local content.

Original situation before introduction

The following questions, among others, were at the center of the solution finding process:

  • How can we create a large number of presentations as efficiently and accurately as possible?
  • How can we retain control without having to buy the services externally?
  • How can the presentations be brought to the users faster and above all in a more user-friendly environment?
  • How can users easily configure the presentations to meet their needs?
  • How do we ensure that the user only uses presentations that are appropriate for their customer base?
  • How can we minimize the need for controlling customer-specific presentations by the compliance team?

The bank produces over 17,000 different documents for both external and internal recipients. In terms of sales documents for mandates alone, there are over 14,000 possible variants from a combination of up to nine languages, six currencies and dozens of strategies for a variety of mandate types. International sales also require compliance with local legislation.

Important milestones reached

  • Automatic updating of business data through the data connection.
  • Reduction of administrative effort through modularization and thus reduction of staffing levels in outsourced centers.
  • Successive expansion to the complete range of presentations from 300 to over 17,000.
  • Rule-based adaptation of content to local regulations.
  • Role-based authorizations for access control and individualization options.
  • “All-in-One” solution for the creation of sales and other customer documents.


In the short term, configurable performance representations, MiFID II relevant aspects such as ex ante cost & charges are on the agenda. Medium-term potential lies in the connection to a chart system for the integration of research charts, the direct connection of the database after all required data has been entered, and the extension of the presentation offering to other investment products and documents in portrait format.

Further Information

Do you recognize yourself with similar challenges? Imagine that your employees never have to think about whether the presentation they are using is up to date again. At any time, in any place or on any device. Not possible? It’s all right. Our customers do exactly that!

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