Storytelling in client reporting – this is a trend that we have been observing for quite some time. Why exactly this topic can be a “game-changer” and how it is done right, I would like to explain briefly in this article.

Why “storytelling” makes sense

Basically stories serve to convey messages and knowledge. With numbers we often start to look for contradictions, with stories this is rather less the case. For this reason, stories are more credible and emotional for us than the presentation of bare figures in tabular form. Through stories, we automatically think along with them and can thus recognize connections that we might have lost when looking at number cemeteries. Ultimately, the aim is to provide the customer with better and, above all, more needs-based information.

What does it matter?

AI based solutions that convert data into “stories” are already available on the market. Integrating these solutions into an existing CCM platform or reporting tool is probably a rather simple technical task. Knowing and above all understanding the customer’s needs is crucial for such a project. Who do I show the performance analysis as a bar chart and who do I show it as a story? Should only parts of the report be displayed as stories and if so, which ones?

Good storytelling in client reporting therefore only works through the combination of the latest technology and solid expertise. The decisive factor here is how much I as a company really know about my client and his “viewing habits” and how I can interpret this knowledge correctly in order to have truly personalized client reporting in the future.

Much more is possible in Client Reporting

Client reports that set to stories are therefore

  • more credible,
  • more emotional and
  • more understandable

for the clients.

Technically, such services are easy to integrate. The success of a project stands and falls with the analysis and correct interpretation of customer needs.

The next stage of expansion could then be that you can have your report read out by a bot and ask questions directly if necessary. This is then a completely new way of interaction.

These are not just fantasies of the future, but projects that we are already implementing with our customers today.

Globalance Bank recently demonstrated how this can look like with its new wealth report:

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