Assentis launched a simple, yet comprehensive report that examines how we will communicate with customers in 2025, brought to you in the form of an easy-to-read e-mail series.

We will address questions like:

  • How is communication between companies and customers currently changing?
  • What is really important today and in the future when it comes to communication?
  • How quickly can this happen and what should a financial services provider do today in order to not fall behind the competition and lose customers in the near future?

Our goal is to provide you with important information, relevant trends and good arguments on all aspects of Customer Communication Management (CCM).

Thus, we would be delighted to share insights with you about this exciting topic and to look to the future.

You will receive thoroughly researched, relevant insights directly in your e-mail inbox over a period of about a month.

This awaits you:
Topic #1: Technology vs. human: Who’s in the driver’s seat?
Topic #2: Why trust is the currency in the digital age
Topic #3: What customer communication really is about
Topic #4: What Jeff Bezos knew 20 years ago
Topic #5: Scaling personalization
Topic #6: Conclusion – What to do now?

Now we are going to embark on this journey of finding ways to enhance customer experience using cutting edge technologies.

Are you with us?

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