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Assentis Customer Communication Management solutions ensure clients receive documents that are relevant, comprehensible, and consistently correct during the entire customer life cycle.

Some examples of particular challenges we solved for our customers

We have successfully implemented hundreds of bespoke solutions for our clients and we still look at each case as if it is a unique situation and work to tailor our flexible solution to meet a firm’s specific needs. Now is the time to reach out to us to discuss your specific challenges and take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our consultants and professional services team, all without any obligation.

Digitize and automate customer communication

Create, distribute, and update presentations and sales materials more efficiently

Deliver consistent and professional reports across all channels

Use the power and flexibility of the cloud

Optimize credit processes

Automatically create investment proposals

Business Use Cases

Success stories of our clients while using Assentis solutions in their daily business.

Client Account Opening

Banks spend a lot of time optimising this process because it is usually the first time a customer experiences a bank’s services and it cannot be allowed to be sub-par. It involves a client filling up an application form, customer background checks and KYC, before the actual account can be opened.

With the Assentis digital communication platform it is possible to digitize and automate the communication processes and provides a continuous client experience.

Portfolio Review & Investment Advisory

Creating tailor-made advisory and portfolio reviews can be very time-consuming and often blocks the relationship manager to focus on his core activities.

With the Assentis digital communication platform this process can be fasten up by factors and provides an easy approach to create the required material aligned with compliance and given regulatories.

Funds Management

The Assentis products allow creating factsheets, internal and client reports, PIB/KID documents in one centralized place. Business users itself are able to maintain and update the content, while data is feed in automatically by connected business systems.


Reporting financial portfolio data to wealthy clients is crucial and can be time-consuming. Each report must be individualized and tailor-made. Banks in average need 10 person days to onboard a new client in the higher segment (Affluent, HNWI and UHNWI). With the Assentis solutions this can be done in one day by the business itself, without any IT intervention. In addition it enables the bank to offer a new digital channel for clients and relationship manager to dynamically visualize their portfolio data in a “self-service” manner.

Payment Processes

Based on the internal output management system (OMS) features, the Assentis platform allows producing mass mailings on physical and digital channels. Advice and statements can be easily updated in one place because the layout components can be created once and re-used in all different mailing templates.

Our Products

A glimpse at the tools of success that we offer to our dedicated clients.


CCM platform. Digitized communication. Centralized digital & physical channels. Process automation.


Presentations in 3 steps. Automated business data. Shortest time. User-friendly. Legal/regulatory guidelines.


Modular digital reporting. Direct RM/Client collaboration. Easy intuitive operation.


Fast, deep integration.  Supports 3 integration layers: SAP, Temenos & Finnova. Close partnership with Avaloq.


Assentis' CCM platform is verified by Veracode.

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