In collaboration with DOCUMENT Strategy Media, Assentis has recently been published as a 2018-19 Hot Company in Customer Experience (CX). Therein Assentis questioned: If you were asked what the three most important features of modern customer communication management (CCM) are, what would you say?

CCM has become more diverse in recent years. The progressive wave of technology-driven innovation in communication would suggest the conclusion that customer communication has become simple. In reality, however, it is becoming increasingly complex.

Customer or client experience is driven by speed, customization (relevance) and multi-channel communication. Seamless integration into existing business applications, such as core banking system, ERP and CRM, is an indispensable requirement. Good CCM should understand and consistently implement these drivers while providing a simple UI that is fun to work with, and avoiding tedious and complicated processes between business and IT.

Technology enables multi-channel interactivity with a purely digital focus, but paper and print-ready PDF is still an important component. This is a challenge for messaging, design and consistency. Today’s financial services are overburdened with the management of increasingly complex customer communications, often so much that they have even less time for actual customer service and for building valuable relationships.

How we maximize customer experience

Our answer to the question about the three most important features of modern CCM:

  1. Maximize customer experience by perfecting customer communication.
  2. Exchange relevant, timely and consistent information with customers along all channels.
  3. All to empower businesses & increase process efficiency through automation.

CCM and customer experience are inseparably linked. Considering only one perspective without the other would not impact your bottom line. Customer experience is a component of any strong CCM strategy. With Assentis CCM Suite, you control how you communicate with your customers and how they respond and interact with you.

You know your customers. We contribute the latest technology in customer communication for financial services, combined with overwhelming professional services. This is how to maximize customer experience.

Maximizing customer experience by perfecting customer communication is our mission. We are leading in CCM. Situated in Switzerland, with offices in the US, Singapore, Germany and Austria, we serve our many life-long customers in the financial services industry on the highest professional level.

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